The City of Kansas City, Missouri, Aviation Department currently advertises Requests for Proposals, Requests for Qualifications and Requests for Bids for upcoming projects in the classified sections of the Kansas City Call, the Kansas City Globe, The Pulse, and Dos Mundos. Projects range from design and construction of facilities to computer programming services.

Passenger Airlines
Passenger airlines wishing to learn more information about Kansas City and Kansas City International Airport may contact Justin Meyer, Manager of Air Service Development at, 816-243-3166 or fax 816-243-3171.

Cargo airlines
Cargo airlines or related companies wishing to learn more information about Kansas City and Kansas City International Airport may contact the Marketing Division at 816.243.3160 or fax 816-243-3171.

Engineering Projects
The Engineering Division maintains the infrastructure of Kansas City International and Charles B. Wheeler Downtown airports. Projects often involve design or construction of facilities. If interested in obtaining information regarding upcoming projects, please refer to the City of Kansas City, Missouri web site or contact the Engineering Division at 816-243-3030, or fax 816-243-3071.

Commercial Development
The Commercial Development Division performs the contracting function in the leasing of facilities and property and the retention of consultants for various projects. For more information call David Long at 816-243-3020, fax 816-243-3070 or email  The City of Kansas City, Missouri web site also lists the current projects up for bid.

Terminal Advertising
Interspace Airport Advertising handles all of the advertising space in Kansas City International Airport. Their dynamic Community Showcase programs allow local and regional businesses to demonstrate their support of the community and of the airport as an economic force. Available fixtures include wall wraps, backlit and edgelit displays, soffits, rotographic and scrolling displays, brochure racks, phone boards and more. A representative of Clear Channel Interspace Airport Advertising will be happy to contact your company or organization to explain the advantages of advertising at Kansas City International Airport. Interspace can be reached at 800.628.6800 or through their website: